Surveys & Research Works

Surveys and research is the core service of the organization as this is basically a research based organization in the development sector. Besides field level data collection and analysis , report preparation and presentations, research tools creation, conducting interviews and FGDs are at core of any research work. SSN has multi sector alignment based on its own activities and assignment undertaken till date. However, Health & Sanitation is one of the most prominent sector besides Rural & Urban development, education, social welfare, Economics & Finance and demography.

Monitoring & Evaluations

M & E and Impact Assessment studies & assignments are integrated into many projects and programs of the development sectors. Research tools are prepared and field tested for any such assessment studies carried out on a sample basis. In many cases treatment and control groups are taken into consideration for logical comparison of the interventions undertaken in the projects. Based on the outputs and results obtained specific points are reported and program implementers initiate necessary actions against the findings of such assessment studies.

Training & Capacity Building

Handholding, training & capacity building of the stakeholders of the development sectors, both for project based or regular acuities of any sector / department is necessary either as per mandate of the programmes and initiatives or due to felt need during the course of implementation. Such training activities are many at times outsources through professional organizations. SSN also intends to take up such assignments as many of the research staff and field level functionaries are capable of undertaking such handholding & capacity building activities with necessary support.

Program Implementation

Based on client’s requirements the organization may undertake professional support role in implementation of specific segments of aided projects and departmental programs as well. This may several shapes, including capacity building of the grassroots level functionaries, knowledge dissemination to midlevel management support staff and the like.

Awareness Generation

Specific awareness generation activities may equally be carried out as an assignment exclusively besides as a part of any program implementation. Such activities may involve organizing workshops & seminars, developing display materials including banners, posters, wall paintings and promotions through online web-based and app based applications.

Planning & Consultancy

Specific planning for fund mobilization from grant in aid authorities, both domestic and international. SSN based on its existing and associated expert professionals is capable of preparation of PIPs and associated works such as preparation of budget plans and cost estimates, technical planning and feasibility studies in the major sectors on a case to case basis.