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Learn Relay
Relay is in many ways inspired by Flux too. There is a central store, changes to it are made through actions (called Mutations in Relay). However, Relay doesn’t give developers control over the contents of the Store. Rather, Relay leverages GraphQL query language to automatically decompose, store and modify the data received from the server. Components declare their data requirements via GraphQL query fragments and Relay automatically composes the query that fulfills the requirements of all components in the current component tree. Modifications to the Store can be done through a declarative mutation API, but all mutations correspond to server-side mutations. Unlike Redux, you can only store data that has corresponding data on the server in Relay and the server must have a GraphQL API. Relay provides many features out of the box. Relay handles all the data fetching and makes sure that all (and only) the required data is fetched. Relay has rich support for pagination, especially for use cases isomorphic to infinite scrolling. Relay mutations can perform optimistic updates, report their status and rollback.
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Learn Relay
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